Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspo: 2 of my Fave Wrapping Hacks

Take a look at last years gifts!

It’s officially my favorite season….CHRISTMAS! So let’s talk gift wrapping. Wrapping gifts can be easy, cost effective, and super cute! Let me walk you through 2 of my favorite hacks to elevate your holiday gift wrapping this season. When you’re done reading, I’ve teamed up with some friends that have more amazing holiday gift wrapping inspiration to share with y’all!

First let me start by saying that Walmart, Target, and T.J. Maxx have super affordable and pretty wrapping paper. My wrapping paper from last year is from Walmart. I love this neutral plaid and simple craft paper look! I’ll link some of my favorite choices for ya at the end.

Hack #1: Making a simply wrapped gift look special

How stinking cute is this?! It was so easy and I already had a lot of this stuff laying around and you probably do too! But, if you don’t, the good news is that you can find all of these things at your local stores like Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Ok, so like I said, I picked up this wrapping paper last year at Walmart. They have so many different choices. So if you want a more colorful and festive look they have wrapping paper options for you too! I already had the greenery stem and cute gift tag laying laying around from last year too. If you don’t have any extra greenery then you can look for similar ones at Walmart or your local craft store and find gift tags just about anywhere.

For this step remember to get creative! Pick something that you love and that matches your paper. All I did to elevate this simple wrapping paper was wrap twine around it and add the greenery and gift tag. For r the greenery I just took a small piece from a larger stem. You can find a smaller floral stem or actual gift topper like these from Target or do what I did and take a part a larger stem. You can also use a beautiful Christmas ribbon around your gift too. Maybe a pretty green or red.

Hack #2: How to Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts

Have you ever had to wrap an oddly shaped gifts and realized you didn’t have gift bag and/or tissue paper or not had a large enough bag? I know I have!

Let me tell you that when I found out about this DIY gift bag hack I was really excited! It is so easy and all you need is whatever wrapping paper you want and some tape. You can make your own gift bag that is the perfect size for your gifts!

First, start by measuring and cutting the wrapping paper to the size of the item. Once this is done you will fold your bag in half so it’s even then fold the sides over.

Once the paper is folded, tape it up so it doesn’t come apart, Then fold the bottom large enough to fit the gift item. Fold in the sides and fold over the top and bottom. Tape it up and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a gift bag!

The last step is to trim the top fo the bag if it’s too tall. Fold it over, tape it ship and that’s it! You’ve got yourself the perfect size gift bag. You can also punch holes in the top if you’d like to string ribbon and/or gift tag to add a more personal touch.

I’ve linked some of my favorite gift wrapping accessories and wrapping paper below to hopefully help you create the perfect look for your home! Although these are simple tips and tricks, I truly hope this helps and inspires you this holiday season!

Gift wrapping accessories: Walmart Gift Ribbon, Ribbon Set, Red, Green & Gold Ribbon, Gift Topper, Gift Topper Set, Target Ribbon Set, Gold Gift Tags, Pine Cone Gift Tags, Paper Gift Tag Set, 16ct. Green Gift Tags, Jute Twine

Wrapping Paper: Kraft Paper, Red Plaid, Red Buffalo Plaid, Gold Gift Wrap Set, Foil Dot, Berry & Leaf Kraft Paper, Black & Gold Stripe, White Christmas

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7 responses to “Holiday Gift Wrapping Inspo: 2 of my Fave Wrapping Hacks”

  1. I love your gift wrapping Hannah. Looks very pretty under your tree. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

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  2. Hannah, I love the black plaid gift wrap and the idea to share of wrapping oddly shaped gifts is amazing! Your home, your blog, both look so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love these hacks! I always have a hard time figuring out how to wrap something if it is oddly shaped, so this was very useful to see!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Another creative way to wrap those oddly shaped gifts is to create a gift bag out of wrapping paper. You can check out the full tutorial on how to make this in last years blog post here. […]


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