A Coco Village Christmas:Why we choose them & Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Coco Village, but reflects my own personal opinions about their products.

Let’s talk about why Coco Village.

If you’ve been following my instagram for a few months you know that we love Coco Village in this house! Their toys are such high quality and beautiful. The founders of Coco Village are parents themselves and understand how important it is to have durable toys that will last life time. The company is committed to creating premium quality products, inspiring creativity, and helping parents create a play space where kids can have fun and use their imagination! They also offer amazing and quick customer service.

Here is what we received from Coco Village. I am so excited to put these and so many more Coco Village products under the tree for my kids this year!

Pretend Play

Coco Village has a wide selection of pretend play toys. We received tons of kitchen and grocery store pretend play toys this year. Pictured here is the coffee maker set, toaster, payment machine, blender, and the breakfast tray set.

Coco Village has wide variety of toys for kids of all ages. They also have furniture, bedding, decor, meal time accessories such as food containers, reusable placemats, and water bottles, pajamas, and even school gear for older kiddos.

I hope that you all check out Coco Village! Linked below are a few of my favorite gift ideas from Coco Village. Make sure to get your orders in by December 15th to guarantee delivery by Christmas! You can always use my code “BaggoFarmhouse10” to save on your order.


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