DIY Fall Blog Hop

Welcome to the DIY fall blog hop! I can’t wait to share two of my new favorite and easy DIY projects this year. You can easily do these two projects on a budget and with a lot of supplies you already have on hand. So I hope you feel inspired to get creative and don’t forget to check out my friends at the end!

Two easy & budget friendly fall DIY projects

Faux Pumpkin Stack

Let me just start by saying that this is probably the easiest DIY out there. I absolutely love the look of a good pumpkin stack. However, they can be kind of pricey. The cheapest I’ve found was around $40 and that’s just a little more than I wanted to spend. The more I looked at those pumpkin stacks the more I thought how easy it would be to make one. And a major bonus is that my DIY one isn’t breakable like the ones in stores!

Here is a little before of the pumpkins for you. Not ugly, just not the colors I’m really going for.

All you need is a few faux pumpkins (preferable the styrofoam type), hot glue, and paint of choice (if you want). You’re going to want to make sure the pumpkins are different sizes…typically one small, one medium and one large sized pumpkin will do. For this project, here I what I did…

  1. Remove stems- most of the time the stems are just hot glued and you can pull them right off. I told you, easy peasy!
  2. Hot glue pumpkins together
  3. Paint (only if you don’t like the color of the pumpkins).

For the paint I used Rust-Oleum paint & primer ultra matte spray paint in white. Now I may go back and use a textured stone spray paint or do the terracotta method, but for now the white looks great with the rest of my decor.

DIY Terracotta Pumpkin Dupe

I’m not gonna lie y’all, this one was a bit of task at first! It really just takes trail and error to get that “perfect” terracotta color to your liking. I used a mixture of the colors below, but I feel what worked best was the orange and a mixture of the two brown colors. I then added just a tiny bit of white. Of course you can use any shade of brown and orange you want, but you can get all of these paints from Walmart in the craft section for less than $1/each.

Snow White. Brown Oxide. Harvest Orange. Chestnut.

You can use any pumpkins you’d like. I had these on hand from years past. I have seen a lot of people use fake jack-o-lanterns like these, paper mâche pumpkins or the foam styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree.. I used a variety of these which can be found at Walmart or just about any department store.

Once you get the color you desire and paint the pumpkin, let it dry about 85-90% and then sprinkle with flour or baking soda. For this particular pumpkin I used baking soda and then sprayed it with a clear matte polycrylic to ensure that it stuck.

I hope you enjoyed these two very easy, very budget friendly DIY projects! Please don’t forget to check out my friends’ fall DIY projects below. Just tap click on the photos to check them out!

Gail @ Purple Hues & Me
Jodi @ The House House Blog

Shae @ Sweet Southern Grace

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9 responses to “DIY Fall Blog Hop”

  1. Love how your pumpkins turned out Hannah!!


    1. Thank you Shae!


  2. You certainly ‘nailed it’ with matching the terra cotta finish, Hannah! Looks amazing! And I love the stacked pumpkins in white, too! You’re all set to welcome Fall!


    1. Thanks Friend! My first attempt was not as pretty… And I can’t wait for cooler temps this fall.


  3. I love them both! Great and easy DIY’s.


  4. Denise at Hootshack Avatar
    Denise at Hootshack

    These are so cute. I love the simple pumpkin stack. I’m going to have to paint some of my old pumpkins and give them a try.


    1. Thank you so much!


  5. […] With the pumpkins I decided to make a DIY pumpkin stack. I’ve always wanted one in my living room or on my porch, but they can be pricey. Old Time Pottery has a great variety of fake, foam type pumpkins in lots of different sizes. These were perfect to make a pumpkin stack. You can read the full post on how I made it here. […]


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