Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

If you’ve been around for a while y’all know I love DIY. But what I love even more is an easy and budget friendly DIY! So let’s chat about these easy DIY ornaments! I’ll link everything at the end!

I wanted a certain color scheme for my Christmas ornaments this year. I found the PERFECT set from Walmart, but of course they were sold out by the time I was able to buy them… I had to improvise. I found these cheap, large ornaments at and this set of 50 from Walmart. The set of 50 had the copper color I was looking for but the rest, not so much. The gold ornaments were less than $4 and the set was around $20.

For this, I bought a few cans of spray paint and used some twine I had on hand for hanging them. I bought this Krylon matte spanish moss for the green and a matte black by rustoleum.

This probably pretty self explanatory but I laid out my ornaments and spray painted them. For the larger set, I split up the ornaments equally and decided which ones I wanted to be green and which ones I wanted to be black.

I love how the green looks on these!

This is the entire reel so you can see the process on these large gold ornaments! I think this green is my new favorite color!

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Everything used for this project is linked here!


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