Stellar Air Decorative Vent Cover

This post is sponsored by Stellar Air, but reflects my own personal opinions about the product. You can check out my full disclosure policy.

We have an old metal return vent and cover that’s of course in the most inconvenient space and honestly, they’re just not pretty to look at. I’m here to tell you that Ive found the BEST solution.

Stellar Air has created wooden and magnetic air vent covers. These air vent covers are made to order to fit your vent size and absolutely beautiful! I mean just look at the before and after at my house below.

Once you receive your cover you are able to customize it by painting or staining it to fit your home style. If you would like the option to paint, Stellar Air can send your cover to you primed. Otherwise, all vent covers come in natural wood.

Now let’s talk about installation. Thankfully this is SO EASY to do. When you receive your decorative air vent, you will get the cover and a new metal frame. For installation, you can either remove your current frame or keep it. If you need or want to remove the current metal frame all you have to do is unscrew it and replace it with the one from Stellar Air. Lastly, place your magnetic over on and you’re done! Check out my video below for a little peek at the installation process and the amazing transformation!

Stellar Air decorative vent cover installation.

I’ve linked a few of my favorite designs below, but be sure to check out the Stellar Air website here to see everything they offer!


One response to “Stellar Air Decorative Vent Cover”

  1. This is such a helpful post! I love the idea of using wooden and magnetic air vent covers for a more personalized and stylish look. My question is, how would you recommend cleaning these vent covers? Would dust or dirt easily accumulate on them? Thank you!

    Mr W

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