Our Story…

I met my husband Tim while we were in school at Southeastern Bible College! Some mutual friends of ours at the time introduced us over thanksgiving break. The following Spring semester Tim started at the school . He asked me out soon after the semester started and the rest is history! We were engaged the Next October and then married less than a year later at the VERY young age of twenty-one.

Like most young newlyweds, we moved right into a tiny one bedroom, one bath apartment and stayed there for one year. We were on a major budget, as you can imagine, so decorating wasn’t really at the top of my priority list. I still wanted to put my touch on that tiny space, so I decided to incorporate some of my favorite colors…teal and gray or yellow and gray (Yikes!).

In 2016 we moved to my husbands home town of Clanton, AL to be more involved in our church. We moved into a small, old house. I’m talking old Shiplap walls, bead-board ceilings and an old chimney in the kitchen where a wood burning stove would have been. Oh, and I can never forget that it had no central AC or heat…IT really was so cute! I wanted this home to be different from our last. I wanted it to be cozy and inviting. It was in this home, that my love for decorating and creating unique spaces was born!

Baggott Party of 3…

We finally had a nice home with a big backyard…you know living the American dream. This house was probably the most special. We brought our baby girl home to this house and made so many memories!

It was a great place to start our little family! our journey into parenthood was NOT easy. That, my friends, is another story for another day. After what seemed like the longest year of our lives, we finally got to meet our sweet baby girl for the first time. Tim & I went back and fourth every day to the hospital for 4 weeks until we were finally able to bring our girl home. If you’re new here or haven’t been following along on Instagram we are foster and adoptive parents. This has been the hardest and greatest adventure yet!

Back in BHAM…

We decided to move back to Birmingham because we wanted to be closer to our friends and family. We settled back into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment where there was plenty of space for the three of us! I decided to start working part time once we moved back. I needed something creative to focus on when I wasn’t at work. In June 2019 I was inspired to start my little instagram page!

At the beginning of 2020 I decided to leave my job to become a stay at home mom. Boy was that an adjustment… then we added another sweet babe tour family in march. As you can imagine our lives got little crazy. After adding a second kiddo we quickly realized that apartment living was not for us!

The Baggott Farmhouse…

The Baggott Farmhouse initially started out as “Faux Farmhouse Apartment.” it wasn’t perfect, but it was our space. I was able to take a fairly plain, small space and put my creativity to use.. It was such a fun process to decorate our little apartment.

Like I said, after our son came along we needed more space. I got what I wanted and we moved into our current house. Faux Farmhouse Apartment became Baggott Farmhouse! We moved in at the end of November 2020. Our ultimate goal is to one day have our own dream home, but for now we are loving a cute little house.

I hope you enjoy following along on this journey. My goal is to inspire you and share my love of home decor! As always, I appreciate you being here and supporting my little account.


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