DIY Floating Shelves

Hey friends! This post has been a long time coming.

These floating shelves are probably my favorite DIY project so far. We decide on shelves for the dining room at our previous house and one for the laundry room.

So, if you’ve been following along on Instagram for a while, you know that we love DIY projects at Baggott Farmhouse! Most of the time it’s because I want something to look a certain way and I can’t find anything in stores or online, but also because I love to put a personal touch on our home.

We built and/or refinished quite a few pieces of future while in our apartment several years ago and we made a few updates to our previous home. So let me show you the process of this amazing transformation!

This, my friends, is how this space started out. Since we moved out of the apartment, we lost a lot of space, square footage wise. I knew I wanted and needed to free up the floor space in this dining room. I also needed more storage (that wasn’t my kitchen cabinets) space for items that I didn’t use often. Things like my nice dishes, cookbooks, canisters etc. So I hopped on Pinterest and looked for some inspiration for floating shelves. There was so much inspiration, it was slightly difficult to decide what exactly I wanted.

I decide that a simple, fairly light weight, shelf with brackets would be best. These shelves were so easy and budget friendly!

So here is what you’ll need!

  • these brackets from amazon
  • paint or stain of your choice (here is the paint I used)
  • Tools & Supplies
    • Drill
    • Large Level or laser level
    • Screws
  • 1″x12″ boards cut to size (for this project we cut our boards to 6 feet in length)
Here’s a little peek of the process!

We are now in our new home and the shelves are back! Our set up is a bit different, so I decided on two shelves instead of three. There is also one in the laundry room again.

I will probably sand these down and either repaint them, leave them natural or stain them to match the cabinet below. So stay tuned for that fun refresh! I’d love to know in the comments how you think I should refresh these shelves.

Don’t forget to follow along with me on IG and Facebook to see all the new home updates and how I style these shelves throughout the year.


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  1. Love these shelves! 🥰🥰🥰


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